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How to (Body)Fly: A Short Instruction

My son bodyflying at #flystationMunich!

I love finding little (or big) connections in life!

This weekend, took time out from work to enjoy my family for the day…we took the kids to Munich, for a SURPRISE!

My kids have grown so much this summer. They teach me so much about living.

At #FlyStationMunich, you're lifted up in a fully glazed wind tunnel--a super safe environment.

Much of what the indoor skydiving instructor told us was similar to what voice coaches Birte Heckmann and Helen Lux Dryselius told us at the PeVOC Voice Training Workshops in Tallinn:

1. Relax, BREATHE.

No tension or “control” necessary!

2. Balanced posture:

Heart open, arms raised, pelvis forward, legs in a sturdy stance. Find your center, and TRUST the wind to power you.

3. Head up.

Eyes on the instructor, you’re in good hands!

4. Say YES!

At the end of your training, the instructor will ask with a signal if you’d like to FLY HIGHER. If you nod your head “YES!” they’ll take you way UP! (The flight chamber is 19 m)

5. Be in the present moment:

One flight is 2 minutes. Just enjoy!

There were 8 of us in the flight group, and my name was called first. Normally, I’d be a little anxious, but remembering Birte’s “From Fright to Delight!” talk, I took a deep breath…

...stepped into the wind tunnel, and had so much FUN!


Are you saying YES more to delight, possibility, and Hope? Then there's no limit to how high YOU WILL FLY!



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