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Hi, I’m Nikki! I'm an artist, writer, and narrator for some of the world's favorite Wellness Apps. 

Below, I answer questions all about Voiceover Productions.



“Working with Nikki has been a Godsend! Her creativity is unparalleled.  An absolute amazing experience.”

--Jessica Jimenez,

Award-winning Producer,

CEO Airmenti, NYC

July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Voiceover, anyway? 


We hear voiceovers everywhere—from the audio of television commercials to the announcements on a train.


A voiceover is the recorded audio that is added to a soundtrack for professional use. The speaker is usually not talking live but has recorded their voice. The voice file is then synced to the final audio or visual clips during post-production.


My earliest TV voiceovers in the ’90s required me to “dub” over Filipino celebrities’ ads if they did not speak with a “neutral” English accent. 


Is Voiceover the same as Voice Acting?


There are many types of voiceovers, just as there are various genres in music or art.


Voice acting is the art of doing voiceovers, but it often requires more the “acting” skill, rather than just a pleasant voice for narration. Voice acting may range from game voices to characters in commercials, cartoons, apps, and more. 


The common types of Voiceover are:


Voice Over Announcers—the recorded voice that introduces the segment of a live broadcast (in radio, sports events, award shows, or promo events)


Voice Over Actors—the voices in entertainment such as video games, foreign film dubbing, animated films, radio dramas, or digital app characters.


Voice Over Narrators—the voices behind the mic for audiobooks, medical explainers, museum audio guides, or documentaries, GPS voices, telephone prompts (IVR), to name a few.


The skill of Voice Arts requires one to be versatile, and adaptable to the client’s requirements. The term “Voice Talent” refers to a person who does one or all of the above.


What is the difference between raw and mastered voiceovers?


“Raw” audio refers to the original recording without clean-up, editing, or background music and sound effects.


“Mastered” audio entails cleaning up the recording. You see, microphones pick up the tiniest sounds, even in the best-treated sound studios.


We as editors and producers might “slice and dice,” which means any or all of the following:

--eliminating breaths (except for some Meditation audios or when the script calls for breathing)

--editing (shortening or lengthening) pauses between phrases to ensure the most natural delivery or to meet your timestamp requirements.

--removing mistakes, plus coughs, or re-recording mispronounced words

--adding SFX (sound effects) such as music or ambient sounds

--dividing the audio track into separate files required (very common for e-learning modules) 

--naming the files accordingly


...yes, these behind-the-scenes fixes all go into producing good quality sounds!



How Much Does a Voiceover Cost? 


The price of my professional voiceovers is based on the type of project, not an hourly or per-word rate. 


In the industry, for example, the price of recording 1 hour of an audiobook may be the same or even much less than the price for a 15-second voiceover for commercial advertisement.


(The smallest voiceover project I ever did was only three words long, for TV. Those three words alone paid my rent for the month!) 


When quoting for a new client, I always take into consideration:

--the type of project

--the client’s budget

--whether it is a one-off or long term project

--the deadline requirements


Please contact me for your script and project details so I can consider your budget and quote you an accurate fee. Pricing is based on industry standards, my 20 years of experience in the industry, and total production costs.


Can you add background music to the voice-over?

Yes! I offer this to clients who budget for the cost of music and sound effects and include this in the package when required.


What is your revision policy? 

Although I am flexible with revision policies, I generally include one revision in the initial voiceover fee. 


What is your turnaround time? 

This depends on the length of your project and my production schedule. Typically, we can do it in as little as 24-48 hours.


What recording equipment do you use?

I love all the RØDE range of voiceover equipment: They design and manufacture quality products specifically for today’s voiceover industry needs. I use the RØDE NT1 in my home studio, and the compact NT-USB microphone when on the road. It fits nicely into my travel bags, and this way I can guarantee clients quality audio wherever in the world I’m chasing my two children. 


What editing equipment do you use? 

Voiceovers are edited in Protools 12, with mastering plug-ins from Izotope Waves Fab Filter Pro.


Can I direct a live voiceover session? 

Yes! Depending on your time zone, we can schedule a live session recording so you can personally direct me. 


What time zone are you in?

I am currently in CEST (Central European Standard) time.


What are "Commercial and Broadcast Rights"?

I am both the talent and producer for the recordings I create, so when you purchase my voice as a voiceover file, I still have ownership rights over my voice.


Unless you purchase those rights via an outlined contract.


In this contract, we will agree to either basic rights, commercial rights, or full broadcast rights. What does this mean?


Basic rights: A worldwide, non-transferable license allowing you to use the recording as long as you don’t make a profit out of it. 


Commercial rights: You can use the recording to make a profit but with limited public reach. Usually, non-broadcast purposes such as videos for your company website or social networks.


Full broadcast rights: At the highest level, you have full rights to use my voice multiple times on the internet, radio, TV commercials, and other platforms.


What is your revision policy?

Our agreed fee will usually include one revision unless previously discussed otherwise.


Can I expect the same sound quality as the demos on your website?


Yes! The demos on my website were recorded in my home studio, and in a professional recording studio in Italy, where I collab with experienced sound engineers. I guarantee you the same quality and sound.


Do you give discounts?

I do some pro-bono voiceovers for non-profits and charities…if you have a good cause worth considering, please contact me about it! 


How can I know your voiceover will meet my requirements? 

I offer first-time clients a free test voiceover (think of it as a mini audition) for a part of your actual script, to see if my voice is a good fit for your project. 


Can you also write my script? 

Depending on the project, I do offer scriptwriting services. I also specialize in writing Sleep Stories and audio for Relaxation/Calm Visualizations Contact me to let me know your needs. 


Do you also do voiceovers in different languages? 

I only record professional English voiceovers—my mother tongue. However, I do speak fluent German, Filipino and some Italian, in case your clients/teams need to communicate in any of those languages.


Do I have to pay the studio fee extra?

I include any studio, equipment, or processing fees in the agreed rate during pre-production and contracts.


How do you take payments?

Upon approval of the project, you may pay for the voiceovers via Stripe, Paypal, or bank transfers (Wise or SEPA).


Is your voice professionally trained? 

Yes. I had personal voice trainers with Voice of America, who were also my career talent managers. I continue to upgrade the quality of my voice as I grow older, and hopefully wiser 😉.


Voiceover coach Gary Terzza, the Arthena Association for Theater and Arts in Italy, and a private vocal singing coach in Liguria have all contributed to my success.


I believe in continually learning, growing, and staying relevant in this changing world. So I stay challenged by attending regular coaching workshops, webinars and industry conferences.


For example, I learn a lot from the innovative mentors at VocAlliance, a non-profit organization created by voice artists, for voice artists in the Philippines.


Also, Gravy For the Brain, a complete platform with mentors and regular webinars for Voiceover artists. Plus, I do celebrity voice coach Roger Love’s vocal exercises daily!


What if I want to change my script after you submit the voiceover?

Revisions are common in this industry. Let me know if we should expect any revisions of the script after the initial recording. If not, we will record only once the script has been finalized and approved by everyone on your creative production team.


How are your voiceover recordings delivered?

Recordings are usually sent as digital files in wav audio format, 48khz 24bit. You can always ask for the recordings in mp3 or another format. I use WeTransfer to safely send audio files, or Google Drive for larger projects.


Where are you from? Why can’t I place your accent?

I am from the Philippines but grew up in Thailand and India, then worked all around the world! English was my mother tongue, and both parents spoke it fluently.


My two kids, ages 8 and 11, are now tri-lingual (English, German, and Italian), and I love the language dynamics we have both inside and outside our home.


I enjoy immersing myself in other cultures, learning new languages, and watching foreign films (in the original language plus English subtitles.


Guess it's ironic that I do voiceovers for a living, but for entertainment, I like hearing the original language much more than the dubbed-English versions). Languages are like keys to unlock the most fascinating portals to other worlds!

Can I find you on other Voiceover platforms? 

Yes! Some online platforms for freelancers are an excellent avenue for connecting with projects and clients around the world. It's amazing how much we can collaborate across continents and timezones. Am grateful for the sites that make it easy and seamless for creative, innovative work to thrive, even from home. You can see my portfolio, hear demos, and even hire me on Bodalgo, Voquent, or Upwork.


Got a question that isn’t answered on this list? Call or contact me below and let me know! 






How Remote Audio Productions Work


Thanks to the Internet, you can easily book a voice-over with me online. I work from a professional home studio and collaborate with professional sound engineers in their studios to guarantee you the best quality and rate for your budget.


You don’t need to book a studio extra, or pay any hidden fees. I handle the entire process from scriptwriting (if needed) to recording, then post-production.


The Journey of a Single Voiceover


So, how does a voiceover go from the idea stage to the broadcast stage? The journey of your voiceover project might look something like this: 


Scripts and copy editing

For a script to be awesome, you need the right words. I have over a decade of experience in magazine and book editing. So, if you wish, I can help you find those words to make your script/ideas come to life.


Project management and pre-production

Before the script is finalized, we go over the edits, wording, and make it as concise as possible. Remember that the best scripts can also be the shortest! Given the short attention span of people today, you want to cut out unnecessary wording. We will also go over any pronunciation guidelines.


Voiceover recording

Once your script is good to go, we move into the recording stage. We chat about your vision for the voiceover, the tone, intonation, cadence, and any music or sound effects you require. 


Audio post-production
In the pre-production stage, you will let me know if you want raw or mastered files. I can do the audio cleanup, processing, or other special requests.


Sound design & music production

I work with a handful of great sound engineers, professional sound designers, and audio producers. We can create original sounds, or organize the copyright purchase of music and sound FX to suit your project. 

Final Product Is Yours!

I deliver your voiceover recording via Wav or Mp3 files. The audio can be sent in the format you choose—some clients prefer it raw, some feel that a mastered recording will save them time.

Payment Process

As mentioned above, you can pay via PayPal, Stripe, or bank transfers. I accept Euros, USD, or Foreign Currency exchange through Wise and N26 digital bank. 

Paying it forward...

At this point, if you liked my services and voiceover productions, please feel free to tell a friend or colleague who may be looking for English voiceovers!


If they need a different type of voice, I can always refer someone in my industry and voiceover artists network who may be a good fit. I try to support other freelancers, work-from-home creatives, and local talent providers as much as possible. 


More About My Voiceover Services & Industry History


As a teen, I was the voice of television commercials and a live concert host in Asia. In my early and mid-20’s, I trained in radio productions and hosted both live and syndicated shows in Southeast Asia on Vibestation, and East Africa on KampalaFM. I also hosted travel documentaries on the Living Asia Channel.

Now, as a mother of two, I specialize in relaxation apps and story apps, but am also the voice of e-learning modules, instruction videos, television documentaries, travel shows, internet video campaigns, audio guides, and more.  


It excites me to bring a client's project to life with sound. It's also a joy to be able to use technology to communicate, send messages, and tell stories.

Doing voiceovers allows me the opportunity to take listeners on incredible journeys, to tell stories and breathe life into words on a page. My goal is to use my voice to help people travel and experience life in more dimensions--even if they can't leave their homes. 


Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.

If you have a project in mind or need a voiceover artist, contact me at +39 3312113175, email 

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