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The Tale of Tellaro & The Octopus

Imagine that you are traveling, walking slowly along the coast of the Italian Riviera.

There are gabbiani (seagulls) overhead, and quiet calm.

Tellaro Art by Nikki Martinez
Tellaro, a tiny fishing village on the Italian Riviera. Art and photos by Nikki Martinez

Stacks of houses sit perched on rocks overlooking the sea. It is one of the most beautiful hamlets in all of Italy.

Every evening in Tellaro, the sunset is magnificent.

As its crimson colors sink into the horizon and the moon climbs higher, one feels as if they too, are lifted to a world of magic.

But on this particular day in Tellaro, the weather was not promising. The sky, normally turquoise, had turned grey and dark...


This is a legend told in the tiny village near our home. This version was written by Alessandro Lana, and I adapted the tale for narration on Soothing Pod's Bedtime Story App.

Listen to the rest of this audio bedtime story below, narrated by Laura Lloyd:

Thanks for listening!


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