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Christmas in Germany

Christmas--the most magical time of the year!

We spent it with family in Saxony, in our quiet, hilltop village. It overlooks the lights of Dresden, a charming city known for its historical Christmas markets.

This year, many of the markets were closed, there was less feasting and merry-making in most cities...

But our hearts were warm, knowing we were healthy, whole, together.

Our White Christmas

No one expected a White Christmas, but that's what happened.

...Just like magic!

A few hours before midnight, soft flakes started to dance down to us, until the entire village was decked in white.

...snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes!...

The Gift of TIME at Christmas

This Christmas, for the first time in six years of full-time freelance hustling in Europe, I gifted myself TIME OFF!

(Have always taken holidays, but also taken work on the road, writing in the car, on the trains, in buses and planes, voicing in studios on the road, or spending the days (or often nights) still chasing deadlines. It feels so different to just rest.)

This was the year that so many dream projects and dream clients came to this tiny corner of the web, but by December I craved the rest. (After all, writing and voicing Sleep Stories means I need lots of practice in rest!)

Morning Pages on Time

Time became one of my greatest treasures this year. I wrote in my journal that I would: TAKE Time SPEND Time SAVE Time GIVE Time, GROW Time, INVEST in more Time, MULTIPLY Time, EXCHANGE Time, SHARE Time, BREATHE in Time, SLEEP on and with Time, HOLD ON for a Time, LET GO when it’s Time, And… CREATE the best of Times with my family.

The snow melted after just two days, but as you can see, my two kids made the most of it!

...a very Merry Christmas!


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