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Dreaming of Travel? A Mind-Escape Meditation in Mongolia

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Photo Credit: Mongolia Horse Trek

Writer and Narrator: Nikki Martinez

Audio Designer: Martin Isagunde

Concept: Jessica Jimenez

Airmenti Travel Meditations


In Marcus Aurelius‘ Meditations, the Roman philosopher-emperor wrote:

“People try to get away from it all—to the country, to the beach, to the mountains…You can get away from it all anytime you like. By going within.”

Nowhere you can go is more peaceful, more free of interruptions, than your own soul.

So keep getting away from it all—like that.”

This is what we want to give you with the Airmenti Travel App: a way to escape in your mind, no matter where you are, or your circumstances.

Let it travel around the world, a different destination each day, a pleasant trip to North, South, East or West of the globe.

Now, more than ever, the world seems to be a place we all want to escape from. The endless terrors, tragedies, and conflicts.

I hope that if you have a few moments today, you will find the space for your mind to travel to a calm, and quiet place. Where you can regain control of your emotions and feelings, finding a little peace, pause, or shelter from the storm.

Thank you for listening!


"Peace of Mind in Mongolia"

(An Airmenti Travel Meditation)

Transcription of Meditation:

"Peace of Mind in Mongolia"

It is summer in Mongolia.

An omnipresent sun shines over everything you see.

The vast, rolling plains, the expanse of amethyst sky,

The sweeping reach of mountains before you.

And then, the sound of hoofs,

From different directions, coming together…

The braying of horses—stallions, mares, their graceful yet powerful bodies rippling.

And you observe obedience of earth as it bows beneath these majestic creatures.

Now, you see them: five riders, five horses.

Each seated upright, taking their places in line, greeting each other with a wave, a nod.

Their long-sleeved robes blow gently in the morning wind. Silken sashes around their waists shine bright like the yellow summer sun.

They ride out in front of you, and you are eager to follow,

But in this moment, you want to remember the way it feels

To just observe,

And let this scene unfold before you.


Keep watching…how the sun covers every blade of grass in sight, bathing it in lemon greens and yellows.

You shift your posture to steady yourself: back upright, shoulders, drawn yet relaxed. Head held high but not tense, eyes fixed on the horse beneath you.

Can you hear her nostrils, breathing deeply?

Can you see her long brown hair, blowing wildly in the wind that now wraps itself around you?

It’s a comforting breeze, a fresh and steady gift of air.

You breathe it in, inhaling as you start to stroke the horse’s broad neck, feeling the softness of her skin underneath your fingertips.

Feel your own belly naturally expanding as you breathe in, expanding your chest as you inhale.

And then, as the breath leaves your body, your belly retracts, and you exhale, letting the air out flowing gently.

You also notice the horse’s belly as she breathes.

Pay attention, and notice that her breathing flows the same as yours.

…belly expanding, belly retracting…

It’s an effortless movement for the horse, who doesn’t seem to think about it much.

You reach down to pat her…

She moves in reply to your hand, knowing that you will be there to guide her, that you are in charge, and that this is a journey of trust and respect.

You realize, in this moment, that your horse is aware of your energy. She is keenly connected to everything around her,

…including you.

She senses, without moving,

Whether you are steady, or anxious,

Whether you are tired or energized.

And she knows of your curiosity, for she shares this precious gift, too.

She must always be aware of her environment, always in this present moment.

You see, she has no need to think of the past, or of the future. She needs to only focus on what is around her, and before her, right now.

It’s almost as if she is inviting you to listen, and observe, her synergy, to share this experience of awareness.

And so you do take notice.

The ground below you, how it smells of dew, of wild terrain, of possibility.

And this vast, encumbered space, where there is hardly a modern invention, but the folk here live with a strong sense of self-worth and mutual respect for their homeland.

You bring this awareness to your own body now and notice how you are sitting, relaxed yet still in control.

You let the horse’s gentle movement now guide you, as she starts to go forward.

You pay attention to the feel of your thighs against her back, your body connecting with her movements, and the control that you both now feel.

And, as you look up, focusing your attention on the riders as they set out before you, you find yourself in awe.

They have lived here for generations, simply, yet beautifully. Protecting all nature around, living off the life-giving milk of their herds, raising their children.

clop, clop, clop,

Your horse starts to trot, picking up speed to follow the others. She has sensed your desire to know the others, to observe them closer, and to share their adventure today.

And, she will carry you there.

A river flows beside you and you observe how its current mirrors your steady flow.

What course will you take today? Where will your journey lead?

In this moment, you do not know exactly, but there is no fear in this great unknown. Because, you have allowed yourself to let the passing of time carry you, your horse to lead you.

It is a partnership—a dance—you now realize. A display of trust.

Now, the confidence you have not known before sweeps through your heart.

The courage that you need fills you.

You whisper the word aloud now… It stands for firmness of mind, from the Latin word for “heart.”
And although you sometimes picture courage as heroic or brave deeds, now you come to understand that it holds an even deeper meaning:
Your Heart.

The center of your stability. The passageway for life to course within you. The beating that allows you to live fully.

Just as your horse needs reassurance, guidance, and gentleness,

Your heart also craves all of these things.

And as you now relax, settling into your saddle, knowing your heart is secure, you can brave the adventures that are to come.

You can move through the wilderness with wonder.

You will strive to respond to any situation, with calm confidence, knowing your purpose, your position.

Sketch by Nikki Martinez
Sketching the horse based on Leonardo da Vinci's sketch in Milano. Foto: Claudio Moronii

And now, as you ride your strong horse,

She kicks into swifter movement…

Across the plains, galloping…

The sky so near,

The land—supple yet supportive.

You cast your eyes on the world that stretches out before you

Its great, wide plains.

The vast space, carpets of green

With rising mounds of blue.

An ethereal sky blessing you above,

and the ground beneath, giving you enough sustenance for your journey.

Feel yourself—reclaiming your courage, riding even more securely, going further, feeling freer.

Take this vivid experience with you now.

Feel the wind as you journey, sailing on weightless clouds…

Remember all that you felt, all that you breathed…

Hold all the sensations that swept you up, and held you, steady.

And then, just love that journey...

Enjoy the ride.


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